I was feeling very stressed about writing this blog about stress last night. What did I do? Because it was late I took a few deep breathes pushed the books aside and went to bed. Awoke refreshed, reviewed a couple of chapters on stress, Googled for solutions, concluding that we could all get stressed out trying to figure out how to manage stress. However, I kept returning to the five common sense STRESS BUSTERS listed in “The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan” book and want to share them with you here.


There is a portion of the brain that controls our stress, residing primarily in the hypothalamus, the area responsible for peace, happiness, and mental health. Dr. Sears makes what seems complicated so simple. Accept that the researches have proved this; therefore, Dr. Sears says “consider this portion of the brain a dimmer switch that you control.”


1. TRASH TOXIC THOUGHTS – a. You turn into what you tune into b. You can’t always control situations, but you can control your reactions to them c. Repel ANTs “Automatic negative thoughts” d. Make a list of five things you like about yourself e. Don’t be afraid to cry, you can release a situation or hurtful comment by letting the tears flow, crying allows you to acknowledge the memory or uncomfortable feeling and then let it go

2. TAKE A DEEP, CLEANSING BREATH – a. In fact, take 3, inhale on a count of 4, exhale on a count of 8 b. It increases the happy hormone dopamine c. Breathe better to eat better d. Breathe better to think better

3. SWIM & WALK YOUR WORRIES AWAY – a. If swimming is not your thing, do any exercise you like to do b. Whatever exercise you choose do it mindfully by being very observant how your body feels c) Mindful of each breath d) Mindful of your surroundings .

4. HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE – a. Journal 3 things you are grateful for everyday b. Do a random act of kindness every daily, for example email or text someone a happy thought or compliment c. Laugh often, humor heals

5. MORE MEDITATION, LESS AGITATION – a. Meditation makes happy hormones b. Meditation makes you more compassionate c. Meditators live in the moment d. Meditators have happier hearts e. Meditation grows your brain garden as you age f. Meditation improves attention g. Meditation solves problems

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